About Ian McKenzie

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The photo above is fairly recent. It was taken late in 2016. As you can see from it, I have been around for some considerable time. In fact I had my seventy-first birthday in January 2017. My working career has been mainly in the education sector, and I was still working part-time as a tertiary lecturer up until December, 2016.

The banner at the top of this page will give an indication of some of my interests. And, although officially retired, I am still keeping busy. Fortunately I am now able to spend more time on two of my passions, photography and writing. I do have web sites related to both, but probably the most recent information will be on my Facebook pages. The fact you are reading this would possibly indicate that perhaps you are my “friend” on Facebook and may be aware of my other pages. Regardless, I shall put some links to those pages here:

Personal Facebook page
Passionate About Photography Facebook page
Photographer Actor Writer Presenter Facebook page
Ian’s Photo Arts and Gifts Facebook page
Pets Pics Facebook page

I do check messages on Facebook most days, so if you need to contact me, a personal message (PM) on Facebook is probably the best method. I do have an email account, but it is not checked these days very regularly at all.

To read my latest news, just click on the Categories tab on the right hand side of this page and choose your category.