Mothers’ Day Classic

The Mothers’ Day Classic in on this coming Sunday, Mothers’ Day, at Southbank Parklands. In addition to me, there are currently forty-two other participants in the Passionate About Photography team.

All participants have no doubt been sent a website “Everyday Hero” link on which they can keep a record of their fund raising and also write any relevant news. Apart from my entry fee for the Mothers’ Day Classic, I don’t plan to get actively involved in fund raising for breast cancer research at this time. It is however a very worthwhile cause and I decided that I could help in other ways.

I plan on supporting all of you other good people who are going to be there to participate.

Already I have told Passionate About Photography participants that, I plan on being at the venue for most of the day. I should be there by 7.30m and will stay as long as needed, at least until mid-afternoon. My plans were to get heaps of photographs of our participants at the event. But, I want to do more, and I am going to.

The offer of photos is extended to all other groups or individual participants who would like to be involved. In addition to photos, I want stories . . . photos and stories that I can publish.

As many of you know over the last few years I have published several books and photography albums. These have been published as paperbacks and also digitally.

I plan on making an album from the photos and “stories” that I get from the event on Sunday. However, I plan on making the digital version of this album completely free to all participants, and to any others who would like to download it. If I produce a paperback version, and you want a copy of it, there will of course be a charge, because I am sure you will realise there are significant costs in producing full colour books in print. The content of all editions will be identical.

The “stories” will be the editorial content of the book, which of course I will reserve the right to edit. I may even need your help in ensuring I place the correct photos with the correct editorial. To ensure this I shall upload thumbnails of all the shots taken soon after the event, so the correct photos can go with the correct captions and/or stories.

Your help in letting relevant people know about this would be appreciated. Stories can be sent to me, or if you like bring along a typed sheet to the event on Sunday. Messenger is also another easy way to contact me. My mobile is 0403 543 827 if you need to contact me on the day. There will be crowds at the event, but I plan on spending a lot of time loitering around in front of the Nepal Pagoda, if you are trying to find me.

File copies of all edited photographs will be available at no charge.