South East Queensland Living

“Beautiful one day, perfect the next” is a well known promotion for the Sunshine State of Queensland. Most of us who live here and many who visit would agree that it certainly is a great part of the world in which to live or visit.

It is a state with a large geographic area. You could for example, fit Great Britain into the area about eight times. But the population of the state is no where near the population of England’s capital London. Most of the population of Queensland is in its south east corner. In fact, the capital Brisbane, and its near neighbour Gold Coast city are Australia’s third and sixth largest cities respectively. But, neighbouring these cities are other cities and shires such as Logan, Ipswich, Redcliffe, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Scenic Rim which all merge into each other. Driving from my home in Jimboomba to Brisbane city can take me through three different cities; Logan, Ipswich and Brisbane. Someone who didn’t keep an eye on the place names as they were driving through probably would not be aware of just where they were on the journey.

There are many interesting stories that can be told about buildings, architecture and land marks, and people living and working in this part of the world. But, south east Queensland is not just about cities and people. We have National Parks with spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches and much more.

In fact, there is so much of interest that can be photographed and talked about I think it should all go into a regular magazine. And, one is about to be published. It will be called South East Queensland Living.

This is one of two projects that I am setting for myself. The other I shall mention shortly. It will be a large undertaking which will not work unless I get help from you and others. How can you help?

Well, in many ways.

All of us know interesting people. Let’s tell some stories about some of them. The stories could be concerning their work, perhaps some unusual trade, or perhaps a hobby or an interest with a difference. You can write the story and take photographs yourself if you wish, but there is no need to do so. I would be happy to take on that role. You would just need to discuss it with me and maybe assist in arranging times for an interview and photographs.

Perhaps you have some beaut photographs of whale watching off the coast, or of Natural Bridge or Queen Mary Falls in Lamington National Park. The ones published will certainly have credit given to the photographers involved.

Is there an interesting event or marketplace that you know about? Share it with us.

The magazine will be published using the latest technology and software HTML5 and Flash. It is planned that the magazine will be on-line only, at least in the early stages. A Print version could be organised at a later date if there is sufficient interest. In addition to photographs and stories, the magazine can contain videos, Utube or Vimeo, and other media. If you have any thoughts or ideas, I would be happy to discuss them with you.

I would like to get the first edition published before the end of this year, and future editions could be quarterly or bi-monthly. But, this can only happen if I get ideas, stories, photos and support from you and others.

Earlier I mentioned that there were two projects which I had in mind. The first is South East Queensland Living and the second is Models Actors Performers.

You guessed it. It is another magazine. Much of what I have said about South East Queensland Living also applies to Models Actors Performers.

It will have a focus on people in or associated with those three areas of interest in south east Queensland. But, there will probably be stories about happenings in other parts of Australia and even internationally. A detailed story with photographs on someone from each of the three areas mentioned will probably be included in each edition.

As with South East Queensland Living, I am looking for submissions of stories, photographs and other relevant material of interest. Web sites have been set up for both magazines. Each web site has an upload page where you can easily upload files straight from your computer to me without having to be a member of Dropbox, or some other file sharing web site. Take a look at the two magazine web sites and let me know what you think.

South East Queensland Living
Models Actors Performers