Marketing without Breaking the Bank

I remember years ago, the Saturday papers were the go to publications for everything, from finding which jobs were available to apply for, to finding out which shops had specials and what they were. Newspapers and magazines were full of advertisements for almost anything. Firms that didn’t advertise through magazines and newspapers would sometimes print flyers and fill your letter box with them.

But, all that has changed. Globally many publications which were in business a few years ago, now no longer exist. Many that do remain are struggling and have drastically cut staff numbers, notably journalists, because the advertising revenue is no longer available to pay for them. Printed catalogues that many firms used a few years ago are now far less common.

So, have firms stopped spending money on marketing? No, of course not. They have just changed how and where it is being spent. It is now a mere quarter of a century that we have had the World Wide Web, or Internet, but it is sometimes difficult to remember how we ever existed without it.

The Internet along with other technology has really changed how we do almost everything. One of the biggest changes has been in the way in which many people communicate. I don’t use public transport often, but when I do catch a train or a bus I am still surprised by the number of people staring at their smart phones with their thumbs working overtime. Once upon a time you would sit on a bus or a train and actually have a chat with the person sitting beside you whether your knew them or not. Generally I embrace change, but there are some things I preferred as they were.

But, I digress. I was discussing how advertising revenue for the traditional print media had significantly dropped. And fewer people are purchasing printed publications. This trend is closely correlated with the changes in the way people are communicating, which I also mentioned. Social media sites such as Facebook have in many cases have taken the place of the traditional print media. Firms having a social media presence are generally much more likely to be successful than those that don’t. Google and Facebook are now receiving a much greater share of the advertising revenue that in the past would have gone to the traditional print media.

Web sites would probably be considered as essential for many businesses if they are to stay in business. They are relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain, in addition to being able to produce colour photographs of products without having to go to the expense of getting them printed.

Maybe in some ways I am old fashioned, but personally I still prefer to hold a physical book or magazine in my hands instead of reading it on a Kindle reader or an iPad. However, I do both. Since 2010 I have published several books. The early ones were on aspects of business and communication, and most of the more recent ones are photography related. They have all been published as both paperbacks and as e-books. Earlier this year I investigated the software for the latest technology in e-books, the flipping page book. I thought it was great and purchased the software. Most of the books which I had earlier published as paperbacks and as e-books, are now also published as flipping page books. You can view them here.

In addition to converting these books, I have used the software to produce two issues of Petography Magazine. I have always had an entrepreneurial streak in me, and I have come up with what I think are great ideas to effectively use this software. I analysed the pros and the cons of using this software instead of web sites or printed products for various different scenarios. In several instances, the pros far outweighed the cons.

Here are some of the areas in which marketing using this flipping technology software will be very effective:

1. Flip Portfolios
2. Mini Flip Magazines for clubs, hobbyists etc.
3. Flip promotion for tradespeople or self-employed professionals
4. Flip promotion of an upcoming event or function

I registered a new domain name yesterday, and I have already published a web site giving more details about each of the above options.

The web site URL is

Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are.

Halloween 2017

On Halloween which occurs on the eve of All Saint’s Day, 31 October, it was believed by the ancient Celts that ghosts and spirits move about on the evening. Many of the current celebrations of Halloween are based on these pre-Christian traditions. It has been a big deal with our American cousins for some time, and Aussies seem to be increasingly accepting the celebration of Halloween. I spent a couple of days this week at my Nephew’s house at Buderim. On Tuesday night we drove up to Tewantin to look at some furniture advertised on Gum Tree, and there were quite a few groups of “tricksters and treaters” wandering the streets.

Halloween is not just for the kids. It is a great excuse for adults to dress up and party as well. Wade Boys is a guy who has oganised Halloween parties for years. This year’s was his tenth consecutive Halloween celebration. And, participants take it very seriously. Professional makeup artists are in attendance to create all sorts of ghoulish effects. One guy this year had a latex mask which was imported from the USA. He paid more for it than many would pay for a major electrical appliance.

It has been my pleasure to be behind the lens of my camera for the last two years at Wade’s Halloween parties. Beaut shots were obtained on both occasions. This year I edited a total of nine hundred photographs from the party. Now, that is way too many to post on Facebook, so instead I have posted the whole lot into an album I have created. It has a total of two hundred and thirty pages. These have been incorporated into a flip page book which can be flipped through fairly quickly. The book is available as an instantly available download for US$2.50 and I have posted details below. For anyone interested, the book will also be available as a paperback. But, being in full colour with two hundred and thirty pages and nine hundred photographs, the cost will be considerably more than the electronic download.

Below is the book cover and a “Buy Now” button where you can make an immediate purchase.

Buy Now

I shall let you know when the paperback version has been published for those of you who are interested. The front and back photos of the printed version are below.

I shall post a few small albums from the nine hundred photos on Facebook for you to have a look.