Halloween 2017

On Halloween which occurs on the eve of All Saint’s Day, 31 October, it was believed by the ancient Celts that ghosts and spirits move about on the evening. Many of the current celebrations of Halloween are based on these pre-Christian traditions. It has been a big deal with our American cousins for some time, and Aussies seem to be increasingly accepting the celebration of Halloween. I spent a couple of days this week at my Nephew’s house at Buderim. On Tuesday night we drove up to Tewantin to look at some furniture advertised on Gum Tree, and there were quite a few groups of “tricksters and treaters” wandering the streets.

Halloween is not just for the kids. It is a great excuse for adults to dress up and party as well. Wade Boys is a guy who has oganised Halloween parties for years. This year’s was his tenth consecutive Halloween celebration. And, participants take it very seriously. Professional makeup artists are in attendance to create all sorts of ghoulish effects. One guy this year had a latex mask which was imported from the USA. He paid more for it than many would pay for a major electrical appliance.

It has been my pleasure to be behind the lens of my camera for the last two years at Wade’s Halloween parties. Beaut shots were obtained on both occasions. This year I edited a total of nine hundred photographs from the party. Now, that is way too many to post on Facebook, so instead I have posted the whole lot into an album I have created. It has a total of two hundred and thirty pages. These have been incorporated into a flip page book which can be flipped through fairly quickly. The book is available as an instantly available download for US$2.50 and I have posted details below. For anyone interested, the book will also be available as a paperback. But, being in full colour with two hundred and thirty pages and nine hundred photographs, the cost will be considerably more than the electronic download.

Below is the book cover and a “Buy Now” button where you can make an immediate purchase.

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I shall let you know when the paperback version has been published for those of you who are interested. The front and back photos of the printed version are below.

I shall post a few small albums from the nine hundred photos on Facebook for you to have a look.