Petography Magazines issues 3 & 4 published

The idea of publishing magazines about people and their pets came to me early in 2017. A web site was obtained and I let it be known that I was looking for models who had pets to photograph. Most shoots of people and their canine, feline, equine and other animal friends were taken during June, July, August and September. I had travelled as far as Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast to obtain the shots I was after.

I had decided to publish Petography Magazine bi-monthly and the first issue was published in August for September, 2017. The second issue was the November issue which was published in October. Around this time I started receiving enquiries from people I had photographed, whose photos had not as yet been published, about when they could see photos of them and their pets in print.

In those early months of the year I had spent considerable time on pet shoots and had accumulated a heap of material to use. Well; the good news for all of those who I have photographed but whose photographs did not appear in either the September, or October issues of the magazine; is that you and your pets photographs have now been published.

Following the formulae that I had been using, the third issue would have been the January, 2018 issue to be published late in December. A week or so ago I had been working on setting up of the January issue. I had got up to page ninety, and still only used about half the material I had left. Issue four would not have been due until March 2018, which was way too long for people to wait to see the photographs of them and their pets. So, I continued working on magazine compilation and as of today, have successfully published both issues three and four. I just have not put any reference to the date on issue four. I thought it would be a bit strange people seeing a magazine in late December, 2017 dated March, 2018.

Each publication since the first has grown in size. These latest two have over ninety pages.

If you are one of the people who has been photographed for the magazine, but whose photographs have not been published as yet, you may be wondering which issue your photos appear in. Basically, I have been working through the photos in chronological order of the shoots. If you were photographed prior to the end of July 2017, you will be in issues one, two or three. Anyone photographed after the start of August, 2017 will be in issue four.

Before I give you the links to these issues, let me share with you a couple of dilemmas I have had regarding them. One was with stories. I had some difficulties in obtaining some, and some others I didn’t receive, there are also some which I have lost. There was a hand written story for example from Zalia about her guinea pigs which I have not been able to locate. So for any of you whose stories I have lost, I am sorry. The other dilemma was with Starnow. In one of the letters I had sent out to participants I mentioned after the first issue was published, it was available for downloading for US$2.50. A Starnow staff member in their infinite wisdom decided that I was running a commercial operation and should therefore be paying models for the shoot. They subsequently deleted all correspondence to the models concerned as well as their contact details. The loss of these records means that there are some models I can not contact unless they contact me first. Any income received has no where near covered my direct costs, not even the petrol costs to attend one shoot. No, I am not whining. I am just pointing out how incredibly petty some people can be. This staff member maybe should take a look at the one hundred plus recommendations on my Starnow profile and wonder why I received them. Of the hundreds of models on Starnow for whom I have provided head shots and profile shots over the last nine years, none have ever been charged.

Okay, that’s off my chest. Below is the cover and link details for Issue 3 of Petography Magazine.

Petography Magazine issue 3

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The buy now button will take you to the site where you can make a purchase for an immediate download. Some people in the past have been confused by the screen that appears immediately after making your purchase. On the right hand side of that screen is a row where you are to insert your email address exactly as it was when you made your purchase. Any mistakes in transcribing it will result in an invalid result. The paperback version of the publication is also available. I shall put up appropriate links on the web site later on tonight.

Below is the cover for issue four of Petography Magazine.

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I am still waiting for the finalisation of publishing details for the paperback version of issue four, but I shall get them posted on the web site after they become available.

The cost of the electronic download for each of the issues of the Petography Magazine is US$2.50. I have been asked why the cost is in US dollars and not Aussie dollars. The answer is that I am using US software, and the only choice with pricing is US dollars. However, even with conversion, the magazine will cost only about $3.40 in Aussie currency, which has to be a bargain for a ninety page magazine in full colour which is advertisement free.