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Early in 2017 I purchased software for publishing flip page books and commercial software for magazines and pages layout. Previously I had been using open access software for page layouts. This was good, but nowhere near as user friendly and as good as commercial programs. It is probably similar to comparing open access photo retouching programs like Gimp to Adobe Photoshop. Book publishing I have been involved with for years. I had published well over thirty paperback and e-books before purchasing the Flip Page software.

The main reason for the purchasing of the new software was my interest in publishing magazines. There were three main ideas for magazines which I had in mind at the time. The first was to do with people and their pets. The second related to models, actors, performers and film makers etc.; and the third about the south east corner of the state of Queensland. I even registered domain names and established embryonic web sites for each. They are:, and A fourth domain site was registered to cover each of the above three sites

My original intention was to have at least one magazine from each of the three areas published before the end of 2017. The people with their pets theme was the first area I decided to work on. After working on Petography Magazine for a while, I decided that I would get it established before attempting to work on the other two magazines. Four issues of Petography Magazine have now been successfully published both as instantly downloadable Flip Page e-books and as paperbacks.

It is now time to tackle the second publication, Models Actors Performers. Some material for the first edition is already available, but much more is needed. I shall be concentrating on this during January with the aim of having the first issue published by March, 2018. The third area, South East Queensland Living, I shall leave a little longer with the aim of the first edition being published by about half way through 2018.

I would like to discuss with you some of the ideas I have for the magazine Models Actors Performers.

Firstly, let me say what it is not. It is not planned to be a fashion magazine. There are heaps of those in the marketplace already. That is not to say of course, that people whose photos appear in the magazine, can’t be fashionable. The demographic I have in mind for this publication is people with an interest in: modelling, acting, performing, theatre, TV and film. The magazine will consist of both editorial content and photography, with the emphasis, over 50%, on photography. Each edition will have several feature articles such as: the making of a film or other projects; stories on individuals whether they be actors, performers, casting directors, talent agents or whatever. The articles should be interesting, easy to read, and as I have already said, have plenty of photos to back them up.

I plan on producing similar size and type of magazine that I have produced for Petography. Though, having said that, the recent Petography Magazines have grown a bit larger than was originally intended. The size I have in mind is between sixty to seventy pages for each issue. As with Petography Magazine, each issue will be available as either an instantly downloadable flip page magazine or as a paperback. I have kept the flip page magazine price at US$2.50 for Petography, and plan to do the same with Models Actors Performers. Even with conversion to Aussie dollars, that accounts for less than a cup of coffee cost for each purchase. The paperback versions will be more expensive and they will have a limited market, probably mainly those whose stories appear in the magazine.

For anyone living in the southeast corner of our state, I am happy to do the photography at no cost to the models involved. However, I am also happy to receive photos etc., from others regardless of where you reside, provided you own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright holder, for the material to be included in the magazine. Credit will of course be given to all other photographers whose work appears in the magazine.

My main reason for publishing this article now is to get as many people involved as I am able. I will not be able to do this project on my own. I will need lots of assistance from others who feel it may be of some value. Whether you are someone who has an interest in having your story told, you are a photographer, or you know someone who may be interested, please make contact with me. That you can do here on this blog site, on messenger if you are on it, or even text me if you prefer 0403 543 827.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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