Last Posting for 2017 Plans for 2018 re photography etc.

Shoots organised by me

For several years I have been organising photo shoots, mainly through Postings on Starnow and the Passionate About Photography Facebook page, and some through Pets Pics and South East Queensland Photo Shoots page.

These shoots have had anything from in excess of thirty participants and twelve photographers turn up to no one turning up except for me. One thing which has been consistent is that there are always more people who indicate that they will be coming than the number which actually turn up. Some shoots I organise are for submission to be considered for book covers etc. If any of the photographs are chosen, generally there is a fairly generous payment made for the photograph. If successful for the shoot in question, this income will be shared with the model(s). Details of the amount involved will be given before the shoot is organised. Otherwise, the shoot will be on a TFP basis. Regardless, the model will receive file copies of edited shots submitted. The agency I work with for these shoots is an international agency based in New York. I am a Premium Photographer with that agency which is called Image Brief. Clicking on the link will show my profile page with Image Brief.

There are several models with whom I have worked on numerous occasions who are very reliable, and who I would call on again and again to be involved in photo shoots.

I plan on still organising some shoots in 2018, but they will be on a less frequent basis than those which were planned up until the end of 2017. I am thinking at this stage of perhaps one each month at a pre-arranged regular place and time. This will be a reasonably central location in Brisbane which will make easy travelling to other fairly central photography venues. Perhaps for example the first Saturday of every month at 10am at a pre-arranged location.

Shoots requested

In the past I have responded to requests from models for shoots and have been let down on more than one occasion. There are at least three times that I can remember where I have gone to the pre-arranged venue for the shoot and the models have not arrived. One shoot was to have been at Kangaroo Point, another at the Sherwood Arboretum and the third at the Southport Spit. Each occasion has cost me half a day of my time, not to mention any travelling and other costs involved. Each of these shoots was for models who I had not previously met. Anyone I don’t know well wanting a shoot with me from now on will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 into my bank account well before the shoot date. This will not apply to group shoots which I have organised. Details are on the web site


I have published numerous books on a variety of topics. A check just revealed 87 Kindle and paperback books on my Amazon Author’s page and 51 flip page books in my bookcase. I also have a few Lulu and Epub publications which are not included in the other lists.

Many of the books in recent years have been photo albums and even more recently, magazines. Also, I have republished quite a few old children’s books such as Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes in a large format publication with additional graphics and colour. Some of these original publications are still available, but the cost ranges from several hundreds of dollars per copy to thousands of dollars per copy. They are now available as paperbacks for much less, and as e-books for as little as one dollar a copy.

Photo albums

Photo Albums are all available as printed paperbacks each with their own ISBN. They are also available as Kindle e-books and as flip page books. Some are in Epub format as well. I generally make a bulk purchase of all of my paperbacks, and I think I have copies of most still available. The paperbacks and Kindle books are also all available from Amazon USA and Amazon UK. If you live in Australia, I can provide copies of these publications to you at a lower price than you will be paying through Amazon. Contact me for details. If you want to send presents to friends or relatives in the USA or UK, Amazon will deliver postage free. (Well they have in the past and I assume they still do, but check first.)

I have converted all of the photo albums, and several other books, into Flip Page format, and these are all available from my Flip Page Bookcase. For any of these publications, you can view the first ten pages at no charge. Simply click on the book in the book case and the click the “preview” tab directly under the book.

Flip Page Publications

In 2017 I purchased the flip page technology software and also paid for the hosting of multiple flip page accounts. My primary aim with its purchase was to publish magazines, but I have used the software to convert many of my books in addition.


To date I have published four issues of Petography Magazine. It is being produced as a bi-monthly magazine. You can view the cover of issue one here, issue two here, issue three here, and issue four here. There are two others on the drawing boards, Models Actors Performers and South East Queensland Living. I plan on the first issue of Models Actors Performers being published in March 2018, and the first issue of South East Queensland Living being published in June 2018. The frequency of issues of both will depend upon the interest in the two magazines. For them both to be successful, I will need contributions from others. Let me know if you would like to be involved with any of the three publications mentioned.

Models Actors Performers

As may be implied from the name of this magazine, the demographic being aimed for is people involved in or interested in: film, theatre, TV, dance, other performances, modelling, acting, voice overs and any thing related to these areas. As with the Petography Magazine, it will be available as both a paperback and an instantly downloadable Flip Page Book. Each issue should be around sixty to seventy pages. (The same size had been planned for Petography Magazine even though the latest two issues have grown to ninety pages plus).

Each issue will have around three in depth interviews with a person, or persons, on a particular topic. Most of the content for the first of these interviews for issue one has already been obtained. Collaboration with other parties for the next two have commenced. The transcription of the interviews will be supported with numerous photographs.

Apart from these in depth interviews, the remainder of the magazine will consist of short stories with associated photos and other relevant photos, with or without captions.

Flip Portfolios

Flip Portfolios are being offered to any actors and/or models who would like them. The first one should be online in March 2018 for you to view. There will be a basic cost just for the publication if all the material is supplied to me. (That would normally be in one PDF file). There will of course be additional costs if I do the photography, editing and layouts etc. Have a look at the Flip Portfolio web site. There will be more information available for you after the first Flip Portfolio has been posted. Model Anna is the model for the inaugural Flip Portfolio.

Flip Calendars and Catalogues etc.

I have produced a Flip Page Calendar for 2018 with a pets theme. The calendar has also been produced as a paperback book. The Flip Page version, as with all of the Flip Page Publications, has its own URL which can be opened with any browser.

I plan on designing templates for both the 2018 and the 2019 calendars which will have a month to a page, with the other pages left blank for you to supply your own photos and advertising etc. This would be a great and inexpensive promotion for any firm. Contact me for further information.

The Flip Page Catalogue would be of a similar size to the calendar, but can contain colour images of your products and their prices etc. As with the calendars, contact me for further information.


Generally I have not charged in the past for photo shoots. I don’t do weddings and tend to avoid other commercial shoots that involve contracts. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I plan on keeping it that way. That does not mean of course, that I object to earning any money from the pursuit of it, but my approach to it is much more relaxed than it is with most professional photographers. Details of any charges that I do make are on my web site Ahead Foto, but I shall summarise here how I generally operate.

Firstly, I work on the principle that if a client or a potential client does not really like the work I have produced and wants to purchase it, there is no need for them to spend any money on making a purchase. Regardless I make low resolution watermarked files of all edited shots from a shoot available to the client at no cost whatsoever, whether or not they make any purchases. These files are of a reduced size, but suitable for posting on sites such as Starnow or Facebook. They are not large enough for prints or other types of photo products. The one exception I make to the “no charge” rule is if a new client requests a shoot. I have been let down in the past by flakes, so now I charge a one hundred dollars non-refundable deposit when making the booking. However, if the shoot does go ahead, the deposit can be used as credit for making purchases.

There is something I do expect in exchange for offering free photo shoots. Before the shoot I expect a Model Release form to be completed and signed. Any models under eighteen years of age will need to have the form signed by a guardian. Basically, the form is confirming that I, (the photographer), have the copyright to the photos I have taken. If there is recognisable property involved in the shoot, a property release form may also be required to be completed and signed.

All the information in the above three paragraphs refers to photo shoot. If you wish to purchase Flip products, there will of course be a charge. Contact me for details.

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