Models Actors Performers

Petography Magazine was successfully established in 2017 with four bi-monthly issues having now been published. Each issue is available as both a flip page electronic download and as a paperback.

2018 will see the publication of the next two magazines. They are; “Models Actors Performers” and “South East Queensland Living”. This is my second article with the same title, “Models Actors Performers”. The first was published on the 21st December, 2017. I do not plan on reiterating everything I wrote in that first post. Most of what was written there still applies. This post is more of an update.

One thing that has changed is the scheduled date of publication for the first issue. Originally I had planned for the first issue to be a March 2018 issue. That is probably a bit too soon, and I have put the date back a couple of months. Before I published any issues of Petography magazine, I had enough material for the first two editions. I would like to be in a similar position for “Models Actors Performers”. What I am thinking at the moment is having four issues a year tied in with the seasons. The first issue will be Winter 2018 to be published during May. The next issue will be Spring 2018 published during August, and so on.

I plan on continuing to publish Petography Magazine as a bi-monthly magazine and continue having it available as both a paperback and as an inexpensive flip page magazine at US$2.50 a copy.

My plan for both “Models Actors Performers” and “South East Queensland Living” is to have them both as a totally FREE electronic Flip Page download only. To help recoup some costs, there will be some limited advertising in these magazines. Petography magazine is advertisement free. However, I plan on advertising never exceeding one third of the total magazine content and for each issue of each magazine to have a minimum of sixty pages.

Editorial content for all three magazines magazines is invited with accompanying photographs. Please ensure that you have the copyright to any photographs before sending them. Contact me for any further information. Credit in the magazines will of course be given to others providing photographs etc.

The potential circulation of these magazines is unknown. It is hoped with interesting stories and quality photographs, in addition to being free, that the circulation will increase through word of mouth fairly rapidly. Besides, the URL’s for previous editions will still be available long after the date of the particular publication has passed.

Setting advertising rates which are fair to all parties is of course a dilemma. Because the circulation rate is totally unknown, I am giving big incentive discounts to anyone getting in early. More on that a bit later. But, firstly advertising sizes.

The Flip Page Magazine will be viewed on an electronic device such as a smart phone, iPad, notebook computer or a PC. The size of each page will of course therefore depend upon the device being used. However, the magazines will have an original layout of A4 size. So, the display advertisements will have the same relative dimensions.

There will be the choice of full page, half page and quarter page advertisements. Both full page and quarter page advertisements will be in portrait format only. For half page advertisements you will have the choice of either landscape or portrait format. If the advertisement is to contain photographs, logos or other graphics, it is suggested that it be sent to me as either a jpeg or a png file. If it is just text in your advertisement, I can do that for you at no cost, or once again you can send it as a jpeg or png file. Regardless of the advertisement size chosen, please be aware that each will have a border of white space around it. So, the actual advertisement will be marginally less than a full page, half page or a quarter page.

Below are the advertising costs.

Display advertisements for a single edition.

Full page – $200.00
Half page – $125.00
Quarter page – $70.00

Display advertisements for two consecutive editions. (payable as a single upfront payment)

Full page – $300.00
Half page – $187.50
Quarter page – $105.00

Display advertisements for four consecutive editions. i.e. one full year of issues (payable upfront as a single payment)

Full page – $400.00
Half page – $250.00
Quarter page – $140.00

OK, I mentioned earlier an incentive for those getting in early. Organise and pay for your advertising before 1 May 2018, for either magazine, and slash a whopping 50% off each of the above prices.

If sufficient material is obtained for it, “South East Queensland Living” magazine will be published at the same time as “Models Actors Performers”. However, it may be a month or so later before the first issue.