Introductory Offer Flip Portfolio

The First Flip Portfolio exemplars have now been published.

Eillyn Paz

Anna Stefania Gelsi

Eillyn’s Flip Portfolio is a standard size Flip Portfolio of thirty pages, whereas Anna’s Flip Portfolio is a Mega Portfolio of two hundred pages.

The cost of publishing and hosting for a full year a standard Flip Portfolio such as Eillyn’s is Au $140.00. That is the cost if a complete PDF file ready for publishing is provided. The cost of a Flip Portfolio such as Anna’s would be considerably more. The cost would be calculated on the basis of Au$140.00 for the first thirty pages and Au$1.00 for each additional page over thirty.

With a Flip Portfolio you have a simple URL that you are able to post in emails, text messages or give to agents, potential clients or whoever else may be interested.

There are several alternatives for you in getting your Flip Portfolio published. Provided you own the copyright and/or have permission from the copyright holder, you can provide the photos for the Flip Portfolio. If you have the skills, or access to someone with the skills, you can then format all of these photographs and provide a ready to be published PDF file.

Almost everyone has a camera, but not many people can produce high resolution quality photographs that are suitable for a portfolio.

Flip Portfolios are brand new, using the latest Flip Page technology. They can be read on mobile Android and Apple devices as well as on PC’s.

As a special introductory offer from now until the end of March 2018, we can provide for you a complete standard Flip Portfolio for one half of the normal costs.

This offer includes the following:

1. A photography shoot at a venue of your choice in Brisbane or within a reasonable distance from Brisbane. This shoot can last for a maximum of up to three hours and can include as many changes of clothes for different looks that you would like. It will also include head shots. Sometimes it is good to have some shots with someone else as well as individual shots. If you choose to shoot with someone else at the same time, you will have a combined total of six hours maximum time shooting. Some different venues within the same local area can be included if you so wish, however, traveling time will be included in the total allocated time for the shoot. Another advantage of a combined shoot is that if you wish you could have two separate three hour sessions on different days and different venues.

2. From that shoot a minimum of one hundred and twenty edited high resolution files will be provided for the Flip Portfolio. Up to one hundred and fifty files may be provided, but there will be no additional charge for any files more than the one hundred and twenty. Low resolution watermarked copies of these files will be provided for you before we start work on your Flip Portfolio. You will be welcome to use any of these watermarked files on web sites such as Starnow or Facebook or to send in emails if you wish.

3. We will discuss with you, and show you some examples of, layout options before starting work on your Flip Portfolio. Before the actual publishing of the Flip Portfolio we will build a PDF file for you to review before the actual Flip Portfolio is published. Your review will be mainly looking for any mistakes especially in your particulars which we may have missed. We will produce the PDF ready document based on the discussions we would have had together. Considerable time is spent producing layouts, and you are not able to sit down with us whilst this is done, so major changes will incur additional costs.

4. Once you have approved the PDF file publication of the Flip Portfolio will not take very long. You will have an simple URL that you will be able to send to anyone you wish.

I mentioned earlier that this special offer of half normal price is valid up until the end of March 2018.

Here is a breakdown of the normal pricing.

Cost of purchasing high resolution photographs from the one shoot is listed on the Ahead Foto Costs page.
As you can see the cost of the first ten high resolution photos from a shoot is Au$200.00. Each additional photograph after the first ten is costed at Au$10.00 per photograph. Therefore the cost of a total of one hundred and twenty high resolution photographs would amount to Au$1,300.00.

The cost of preparing the layout for the Flip Portfolio is Au$12.00 per page. This component will cost Au$360.00. Finally, the cost of publishing a standard Flip Portfolio and hosting it for a year is Au$140.

The total cost therefore is:
Au$1,300.00+Au$360.00+Au$140.00 = Au$1,800.00

50% of this amounts to Au$900.00 which is all it will cost you for your complete standard Flip Portfolio. Normally 50% of this will be paid when ordering your Flip Portfolio, and the remaining 50% when the Flip Portfolio is published.

Payment may be paid directly to me or to participating agents. Your agent may have some suggestions regarding information to be included on the contact information page of your Flip Portfolio. Click the link for further information regarding your Flip portfolio.

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