Marketing without Breaking the Bank

I remember years ago, the Saturday papers were the go to publications for everything, from finding which jobs were available to apply for, to finding out which shops had specials and what they were. Newspapers and magazines were full of advertisements for almost anything. Firms that didn’t advertise through magazines and newspapers would sometimes print flyers and fill your letter box with them.

But, all that has changed. Globally many publications which were in business a few years ago, now no longer exist. Many that do remain are struggling and have drastically cut staff numbers, notably journalists, because the advertising revenue is no longer available to pay for them. Printed catalogues that many firms used a few years ago are now far less common.

So, have firms stopped spending money on marketing? No, of course not. They have just changed how and where it is being spent. It is now a mere quarter of a century that we have had the World Wide Web, or Internet, but it is sometimes difficult to remember how we ever existed without it.

The Internet along with other technology has really changed how we do almost everything. One of the biggest changes has been in the way in which many people communicate. I don’t use public transport often, but when I do catch a train or a bus I am still surprised by the number of people staring at their smart phones with their thumbs working overtime. Once upon a time you would sit on a bus or a train and actually have a chat with the person sitting beside you whether your knew them or not. Generally I embrace change, but there are some things I preferred as they were.

But, I digress. I was discussing how advertising revenue for the traditional print media had significantly dropped. And fewer people are purchasing printed publications. This trend is closely correlated with the changes in the way people are communicating, which I also mentioned. Social media sites such as Facebook have in many cases have taken the place of the traditional print media. Firms having a social media presence are generally much more likely to be successful than those that don’t. Google and Facebook are now receiving a much greater share of the advertising revenue that in the past would have gone to the traditional print media.

Web sites would probably be considered as essential for many businesses if they are to stay in business. They are relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain, in addition to being able to produce colour photographs of products without having to go to the expense of getting them printed.

Maybe in some ways I am old fashioned, but personally I still prefer to hold a physical book or magazine in my hands instead of reading it on a Kindle reader or an iPad. However, I do both. Since 2010 I have published several books. The early ones were on aspects of business and communication, and most of the more recent ones are photography related. They have all been published as both paperbacks and as e-books. Earlier this year I investigated the software for the latest technology in e-books, the flipping page book. I thought it was great and purchased the software. Most of the books which I had earlier published as paperbacks and as e-books, are now also published as flipping page books. You can view them here.

In addition to converting these books, I have used the software to produce two issues of Petography Magazine. I have always had an entrepreneurial streak in me, and I have come up with what I think are great ideas to effectively use this software. I analysed the pros and the cons of using this software instead of web sites or printed products for various different scenarios. In several instances, the pros far outweighed the cons.

Here are some of the areas in which marketing using this flipping technology software will be very effective:

1. Flip Portfolios
2. Mini Flip Magazines for clubs, hobbyists etc.
3. Flip promotion for tradespeople or self-employed professionals
4. Flip promotion of an upcoming event or function

I registered a new domain name yesterday, and I have already published a web site giving more details about each of the above options.

The web site URL is

Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are.

Halloween 2017

On Halloween which occurs on the eve of All Saint’s Day, 31 October, it was believed by the ancient Celts that ghosts and spirits move about on the evening. Many of the current celebrations of Halloween are based on these pre-Christian traditions. It has been a big deal with our American cousins for some time, and Aussies seem to be increasingly accepting the celebration of Halloween. I spent a couple of days this week at my Nephew’s house at Buderim. On Tuesday night we drove up to Tewantin to look at some furniture advertised on Gum Tree, and there were quite a few groups of “tricksters and treaters” wandering the streets.

Halloween is not just for the kids. It is a great excuse for adults to dress up and party as well. Wade Boys is a guy who has oganised Halloween parties for years. This year’s was his tenth consecutive Halloween celebration. And, participants take it very seriously. Professional makeup artists are in attendance to create all sorts of ghoulish effects. One guy this year had a latex mask which was imported from the USA. He paid more for it than many would pay for a major electrical appliance.

It has been my pleasure to be behind the lens of my camera for the last two years at Wade’s Halloween parties. Beaut shots were obtained on both occasions. This year I edited a total of nine hundred photographs from the party. Now, that is way too many to post on Facebook, so instead I have posted the whole lot into an album I have created. It has a total of two hundred and thirty pages. These have been incorporated into a flip page book which can be flipped through fairly quickly. The book is available as an instantly available download for US$2.50 and I have posted details below. For anyone interested, the book will also be available as a paperback. But, being in full colour with two hundred and thirty pages and nine hundred photographs, the cost will be considerably more than the electronic download.

Below is the book cover and a “Buy Now” button where you can make an immediate purchase.

Buy Now

I shall let you know when the paperback version has been published for those of you who are interested. The front and back photos of the printed version are below.

I shall post a few small albums from the nine hundred photos on Facebook for you to have a look.

Petography Magazine Issue 2

The November 2017 issue of Petography magazine has now been published. It is available as an instantly downloadable electronic flip book, Buy Now, or as A printed magazine.

The magazine has grown in size since the first volume which had sixty-six pages. The November, 2017 issue has a total of eight-six pages, all in full colour. The download price has been kept at a low US$2.50, and it is intended to keep all future issues at this same low price. But, being in full colour and with the high price of quality printed magazines and books, there is a marginal increase in the cost of the printed version.

Since 2012, I have published numerous books on subjects ranging from Australian humour and slang, to giving personal presentations and photography albums. Work books on subjects such as setting and achieving goals have also been published. Most of these books are available as both published paperbacks with ISBN’s and instantly downloadable e-books using Amazon Kindle and other formats. Thirty-four of them are now also published in Flip Book format.

One advantage of the Flip Book format, is that I have set up all of these books on book shelves, and the first ten pages of any of them can be viewed before deciding to make a purchase. Once a purchase is made, the book becomes instantly available. The prices of all of my Flip Books is in the range of US$0.99 to US$4.95, with the majority being around US$2.45.

Chances are, if you have been to my photo shoots over the years, your photos may well be in one or more of my photo albums. If you have downloaded a Flip Book and you would like to see a printed copy of the same book, just let me know. I do have multiple copies of most of them, and can bring the one you want to the next shoot for you to take a look.

Petography magazine is a bi-monthly publication with stories of people and their pets. If you or members of your family have a pet, or pets, and would like to be featured in a future issue, then let me know. It can be easily arranged.

Ian McKenzie

Need a Unique Gift for Someone?

Whether it is for; a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, a thank you, or for any other reason; finding an appropriate and unique present for someone can sometimes present as a problem for a potential purchaser.

Photographic prints are one option. But, there are many personalised and unique products that can be quickly made from the original images. These products include, but are not limited to the following: mouse pads, stubbie holders, jig-saw puzzles, slate products, coated glass and crystal, coated aluminium, coated plastics, ceramic tiles of various sizes, ceramic mugs, and on fabric for wearable products such as T-Shirts.

All of the above listed products, I am able to manufacture myself through a process known as sublimation printing. This process is explained in another posts on this site. Any photograph that I have taken can be made into a sublimation product, with or without added text and/or graphics.

In addition to photography, graphic design is another interest of mine, and I currently have hundreds of designs which I have published. Most have incorporated my photography as well as graphics and any of these is available for placement on products of your choice.

Personal manufacturing by me is one option for obtaining these products, but another is through third party web sites. One site which I have now been a member of for well over nine years is RED BUBBLE. Examples of some of my RED BUBBLE work and access to my profile on RED BUBBLE can be obtained by clicking the link.

Not all products listed on RED BUBBLE, am I able to manufacture myself, but many I can. You are of course very welcome to purchase directly from the RED BUBBLE site, but if you live locally in south-east Queensland, I suggest that you contact me first. If I am able to manufacture the same or a similar product, I can do it for a lower price than you will see on the RED BUBBLE web site.

A newer kid on the block which I have uploaded many of my designs to is a site called ZAZZLE. Some of my designs on ZAZZLE are also on RED BUBBLE, but there are also many additional designs there. Another difference with the ZAZZLE site is that all the designs that I have uploaded, I have made editable. You are able to enlarge or reduce the size of any of my graphics, and you are also able to add your own personalised text to any graphic, for any of the products listed. ZAZZLE has a Greater range of products than RED BUBBLE.

Currently I have three separate stores on ZAZZLE, and the products are listed in a total of twenty-four different categories. Links to my profile, stores and the categories are listed below. You are welcome to browse through any that you wish. As with RED BUBBLE, I own all the photographs and art work listed on any of my products. This I have stored on external hard drives for easy access, and any of the photos and graphics can be used for products which I personally manufacture.

ZAZZLE profile.

As I said, there are a heap of categories, (twenty-four of them), but feel free to browse through any that you wish.




Success Through Adversity









Flowers and Love

Team Work






Motivation and Inspiration

Good Ideas



Old English Sheepdog

Congratulations if you have gone through all of those. Another idea for a present is a copy of one of the books I have published. There are over thirty from which to choose. Over the last few years, they have been mainly photography albums, and chances are if you have been to one or more of one of my shoots your images will be in one or more of these albums. Almost all of my publications at available as both instant electronic downloads. The electronic downloads cost only a couple of dollars each, with a variety of electronic formats available for each. You may prefer to have a printed hard copy that you can leave on the coffee table for visitors to browse through. These publications are all registered with ISBN numbers and are available through all major international booksellers. I personally purchase several copies of each publication, and if you live locally to me, any of the publications I can bring along to our next photo shoot or somewhere else we may be meeting up for you to have a look at. A list of all of my books and some of the outlets they are available from are listed on my Ian’s Books Web Site.

Tote Bags, T’s and Other Tops

Sublimation is the chemical process of a substance going from a solid state to a gaseous state without going through the normal intermediary liquid state. Dry ice which is frozen carbon dioxide gas is a well known example of this process.
What is the connection between this chemical process and “Tote Bags, T’s and Other Tops”? Well, sublimation is a printing process that can be used on certain types of fabric and other substrates. Powdered dyes are held in suspension in a liquid base, and specially modified bubble jet printers squirt a mirror image of the final print onto a transfer medium. After it has dried, the transfer medium is attached with heat resistant tape to the final product to be printed, both are then placed in a special heat press. Temperatures and pressures vary depending upon the substrate, but typical settings for “Tote Bags, T’s and Other Tops” is one hundred and ninety degrees Celsius for about three minutes and reasonably high pressure. The result is that the heat and pressure cause the powdered dyes to sublimate into gases which become incorporated as a part of the fabric. Sublimated prints require specialised equipment and are more labour intensive than regular printing like canvas prints, in which the ink is sprayed onto the surface of the fabric, but the result is more permanent with stronger colours.

The images in this post are among the many that I have designed and uploaded to my Red Bubble artists site. I have been a member of Red Bubble for well over nine years, but most of my activity on the site has been fairly recent. If you click on the link you will be taken to my profile page where you will see examples of my art work and photography, all of which can be incorporated into products that can be purchased. Clicking on any graphic in particular, will take you to a page showing all the products available with that graphic. Many of Red Bubble’s products are printed using the sublimation printing method, and of course you are welcome to purchase any of the products listed on the site. However, I do own my own sublimation printers and heat presses, and can therefore produce many of the products listed on the Red Bubble site, in addition to many others, but for a fraction of the cost.
The originals of all the graphics on the Red Bubble site I have on my own external hard drives and am able to access reasonably quickly. Also, I enjoy dabbling in graphic art and produce new examples each week. Any photograph I have taken as well as all the art I have produced can be sublimated printed onto, “Tote Bags, T’s and Other Tops”. And, of course many other products such as mugs, tiles, aluminium sheets, cross word puzzles. Below are prices listed for some products.

Tote Bag (small) – $10.00 or $8.00
Tote Bag (large) – $12.50 or $10.00
Tote Bag (extra large) – $15.00 or $12.00
Draw String Bag – $15.00 or $12.00
T-Shirts (white) all sizes for ladies, men and kids $25.00 or $20.00
Ladies Tank Tops (white) all sizes – $25.00 or $20.00
Ladies Crop Tops (white) all sizes – $25.00 or $20.00

If you compare these prices with those on Red Bubble, you will find that they are about one third of the cost or even better in some cases. Why the two prices for each product? Well, the first price is the cost of any product for which the art work has not been done already. This includes any photograph not already published, with or without words. For these products, if five or more are ordered, then the second listed prices will apply. The second price also applies to all products for which the art work has already been completed. So, all of the graphics on the Red Bubble site will of course fall into this category.
All these products are white. If you want coloured tops you will need to purchase them from the Red Bubble site. For high definition sublimation prints, the best fabric is 100% polyester. I need to pre-purchase the blanks before I can produce any final products. So, you have the choice of white or white. Most of the graphics on the Red Bubble site I have already printed onto small and large sized Tote Bags. If you are interested in seeing any of these and we are likely to be meeting up for a photo shoot for example, remind me to put them in my vehicle before we meet.


The September 2017 edition of Petography Magazine has just been published. You will notice that a couple of the graphics I have placed in this posting mention the magazine. The cost of promoting anything can be expensive; but I consider Tote Bags, T-Shirts, Tank Tops and Crop Tops with a mention of Petography Magazine and its web site being seen in public as walking promotions. I am therefore willing to drastically cut the price on these products to half of the first mentioned price for each product in the list above. This deal extends to all of the Petography products which have already been produced or any photograph taken for the Petography Magazine with the added wording “featured in Petography Magazine” and “”.

That makes Tote Bags for as little as $5.00 and all tops for only $12.50.

For all orders, 50% payment is required with the order, with the balance being paid upon delivery.

If you have not already downloaded a copy of the September issue of Petography Magazine, it is available now for immediate download for only US$2.50. Click on the link to get your copy.

I have several hard copies which are perfect bound. You can save on the shipping cost and US exchange rate by getting one directly from me at a cost of AU$20.00.

Photographers and others with original art work, if you would like any of the above listed products, I would be happy to organise them for you. The second listed price would apply, but there would need to be a minimum order of five products, (can be assorted), for each piece of art work. The art work can be either PNG or JPEG, but must have a resolution of 300dpi or better. The art work and order can be emailed to

Petography magazine

It has arrived early.

The first issue of Petography magazine is the September and October 2017 edition. It has just been published and is available right now for immediate download.

Buy Now
Only US$2.50 a copy

The magazine has sixty-seven pages, and if you would prefer a printed perfect bound copy to an electronic copy, then that is available also. The emphasis in the magazine is on photographs and short stories of people and their pets. If you have already been photographed for the magazine and your photos and story are not in the first issue, they will be in a subsequent issue. Most of the content for the second issue is already available, and now the first issue has been published, I can now start on formatting and editing the second volume.

All photographs in the first issue were taken by me. And although I intend to continue taking photographs of people and their pets, I also welcome submissions from other photographers for future publications. Of course a short story or stories must accompany the photographs. Because the magazine is being produced as a web magazine in addition to a printed version, only high resolution photographs, watermark free will be accepted. They will need to have a resolution of 300dpi for the size being printed. Credit will of course be given to photographers and others involved in submitting material. If you would like to prepare suitable material, it can be sent to

Copies of the first issue can be downloaded from the Petography magazine web site. Or can be purchased right here:

Buy Now
US$2.50 a copy

Feedback on the magazine is of course always welcome. I have already planned a few additional features for the next issue.

The cost of the electronic version I am keeping at a low US$2.50. For a magazine with over sixty pages of full colour, I am sure you will agree that for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per issue, it is great value. The perfect bound printed version is selling for US$14.95. If you are purchasing the printed version online, there will also be a shipping cost involved. Alternatively, if there is an opportunity for us to meet personally, I will have copies of the perfect bound paperback edition for AU$20.00 each, (as soon as my stock arrives).

Book Order Arrived Yesterday

I may be getting on in years, but there still are some things which excite me. Yesterday, it was the beep of a horn!

Yeah! I know, “small things amuse small minds”, but this was the horn of the courier’s van. And, that courier was delivering my latest order of books. Now, these were not just any old books! They were books that were fairly special to me. They were books that I had authored, been the photographer and graphic designer for, and had also been their publisher.

Not a great deal of work was required for the authoring component of these four particular books, as three of them are basically photography albums without much text. The fourth is one with which I am really pleased. I have illustrated with colour photos and graphics a heap of my favourite quotations. I have not counted the number of quotes, but the book is over one hundred pages in length. It is American Letter size, 8.5 inches X 11 inches, and each page in full colour with one or two quotations.

Below is part of the blurb I have placed on the back cover of, “Staying Positive During 2017 and Beyond – Inspirational and Other Quotes”.

“Philosophers, politicians, actors, authors and many others throughout history have said or written things that are memorable for us. Perhaps it is the clever use of word combination, or something meaningful, expressed succinctly.

In this publication I have compiled a list of some of my favourite quotations. These quotes cover many different genres including; motivation, love, family, and of course fun.

Each of these quotations I have endeavoured to make more interesting through the addition of colour graphics and/or colour photographs. All models appearing in this publication have been photographed be me, and I have also organised the layout of each page.

To my American friends reading this, I am an Aussie, and I have used Australian English throughout.”

One of my favourites in the book from Woody Allen

Below is the cover of this book.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this paperback, it would be great. It has an ISBN and will be available through all major international book sellers. It is currently listed on each of Amazon’s sites. Or, you can use this site. Here is a link from where you can make a purchase.

As you can see it has a price tag of US$25.00. If you live in Australia however, it will cost you more than that. Apart from the conversion into Aussie dollars, you will have the shipping cost from the USA. This will cost close to the same cost of the book, which may make the transaction a bit expensive.

As the author, obviously I can get copies for a bit less than the retail listed price. In addition I save on the shipping cost of each individual book by ordering several at the same time. I do have multiple copies of this publication and the other three which came in the same order. If you would like a copy of the paperback from me, I normally carry a few with me in my vehicle and can let you have a copy for $30.00 Australian.

Perhaps you would like a less expensive e-book version of, “Staying Positive During 2017 and Beyond – Inspirational and Other Quotes”.

A Kindle version is already available.

And, as of this morning there is an EPUB version which can be read on any e-reader.

I have priced the Kindle edition as low as I possibly could. It is less than US$2.00. Success through Amazon relies a lot on positive reviews. If you purchase the Kindle e-book through Amazon, I would really appreciate a review on Amazon from you. It will take only a few minutes of your time, but would be of great value to me.

The EPUB file is a bit dearer than the Kindle version, but not everyone has a Kindle reader. (They are available for free if you want one.) The EPUB version can be read with any EPUB reader. I use the Adobe EPUB Reader. You can download your free copy by clicking on the link.

How would you like both the e-book version and the paperback version for less than the price of the paperback? Well you can!

Purchase the Kindle, write a positive review, let me know, and a copy of the paperback is yours for $25.00 Aussie.

I did mention that multiple copies of four books arrived yesterday. Below are the covers of the other three.

Kids, Pets, Photos and Publishing

There is a rule which some photographers have, “don’t work with animals or children”. I have personally met several of them, “photographers with no interest in working with kids and pets”, I mean.

For several years now I have organised regular photo shoots. My attitude has always been to make them available to all who wanted to come along to them, regardless of age, gender or any other attribute including whether or not they were coming along to the shoot as models or as photographers.

Regardless of your area of endeavour, it is always easier to work with people with experience in whatever you are doing, than it is to work with beginners. In the past at some of my photo shoots which I had made “open”, there would be some photographers who would quickly assess who they wanted to work with, latch on to them and monopolise them for the remainder of the photography session. There were occasions in which, even though I had organised the shoot, I felt that I was left with the models that other photographers didn’t want to work with.

My “open” shoots are now open to models, but not to photographers. Other photographers who wish to be involved in one of these shoots can still apply to do so, but I limit the numbers to a maximum of two other photographers apart from me. And, those photographers have to agree to a protocol I have established for the open shoots. One of the clauses of that protocol is that all models in attendance who want to be photographed must be photographed by all of the photographers in attendance. There can be no monopolising of a particular model.

Now, I can certainly understand the attraction of working with experienced models. A year or so ago I had a shoot with a former Miss Australia and her family in a well known Brisbane park. The shoot ran incredibly smoothly and we obtained some great shots. Striking appropriate poses and expressions were of course a natural for the former Miss Australia, but she also organised her partner and their two children as well. My job was not much more than framing and clicking. I have never seen anyone else change into three different outfits in the middle of a public park without anyone else apart from us knowing what she was doing.

The above scenario compared with a young three or five year old who had never been professionally photographed before and perhaps didn’t want to be photographed is maybe like comparing chalk and cheese. I really enjoy working with experienced, professional models. They make the photographer’s job incredibly easy and great fun. Working with beginners, regardless of age, can be a challenge for the photographer, but that challenge can also be very rewarding.

“Kids, Pets, Photos and Publishing” is the title I gave to this article. Up until now, no mention has been made of pets. I reckon kids and pets have a few things in common. Most times we love them all dearly. The kids, and many animals, will generally usually try to please us. They can also have short attention spans and on occasion be unpredictable. Each one, whether a child or a pet, is also a unique individual.

The majority of my working career was in the education sector. In addition to working in the tertiary sector for the last twenty-five years of my career, the first twenty-five years involved working in Primary, Secondary and Special education, both at the coal face as a teacher and in administration. I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma of Special Education and my Master of Education degree was obtained in the area of special needs. So, from both a practical and theoretical viewpoint I have had a fair bit of experience with kids. Besides, I had two of my own. They are no longer kids but two mature aged beautiful ladies. And, the adjective “beautiful” is used in every aspect of the term.

What about animals? Currently I enjoy other people’s animals. But, until recent years I have always had and enjoyed pets, even although some of the animals I kept, others may not describe as pets. I remember as a young kid our half-Persian cat Tinkerbell. She was pure white with one green eye and a blue eye, and she was a cat that didn’t like milk, but a couple of years latter when we had a pup that did, suddenly Tinkerbell started enjoying it also. A few years later as a ten year old I spent a year in Pakistan with my family and we had two rabbits we called Peter and Paul. One day Peter had some baby rabbits, so we had to start spelling the name Peta. My Golden Cocker Spaniel dog Buddy, who truly was my best buddy. Later there was my Blue Healer dog, Bluey, he was always disappointed when I started up my motor cycle and he was not allowed to come with me. Bluey used to love going for rides sitting on the petrol tank between my legs.

Other dogs and cats, birds, chooks, cows, goats and even ostriches were among my many and varied pets. My last two dogs were Italia and Dante. They were Maremma Sheep Dogs. The pick of one of Italia’s litters was a gift to my daughter Melissa. His name was Baci and he was much loved and lived to the old age of fourteen.

Since my retirement from education, I have spent considerably more time than I used to on photography. The main genre of interest is people and portraiture. And, since I have been keeping records of what I have shot, I recently passed the 46,000 published photos mark. Kids have of course been included in that list, but not many pets. In the future I would like to photograph more of both kids and pets. Even having them together.

I think that some of the skills needed for getting good shots of kids will also apply to getting good shots of pets. One of these is patience, I probably have less than I used to when I worked in Special Education, but I probably still have more than most people. Another that is related and applies to both kids and animals is to take your time for them to get to know you. I have often found with some kids that once you get into the shoot they are far more at ease and easier to work with. It usually helps if there are others involved and the kids can see that everything is OK.

Those who know me will know that I have published several books since 2012. Most of the recent ones are photography albums. I want to continue publishing books. One that I have in mind for down the track a bit is one about people and their pets. It will primarily be an album with heaps of colour photographs, but also with short stories. What I envisage is a few pages of each person and their pet(s), with a short story about the person and their pet. Now, the person can be a kid, or a grand-parent and all ages between. The pet can be a traditional pet such as a dog or a cat, but birds, guinea pigs, horses or even farm animals can be included.

I reckon it will probably take me a couple of years to get the material together, but I would like to make a start.

Here is how you can help. If you have a pet or pets, I would like to spend some time with you, and/or members of your family and your pet(s). Hopefully we can get some great photos together. There will not be any money changing hands between you and me, but you will get file copies of all edited photos from the session. If at some time in the future you would like enlargements of some of the shots taken, then these will be supplied for a reasonable cost.

These days I am available most days whether it be during the week or on weekends. I look forward to you being involved. If you are interested, you could message here or text me on 0403 543 827.

Book Marketing and Reviews

Retail book stores these days are almost as scarce as hen’s teeth! Almost all books are currently purchased through online book sellers. This change of marketing does have its pros and cons. You can now do your searching online and have the books delivered to your door. I don’t know about you, but I miss being able to go into the large book stores like firms such as Booktopia and Queensland Book Depot used to have and actually browse through the books on the shelves, pick them up, hold them in my hands and look inside. It seems that most bookstores that do still exist are just there to flog off discounted cheap remainders.

Most of the books I have purchased in recent years, whether they had been paperbacks or e-books, I purchased through Amazon. Unless the title was of a book which I had known well, I would generally read the reviews associated with that book. And, I think most people do this and use the reviews as a guide for their purchases. Some publications purchased lived up to the reviews they were given, others were complete rubbish. I assume the positive reviews had were written by close friends.

Waiting to read reviews before making a purchase poses a bit of a “chicken and egg” problem. If a review has to come first, who is going to make a purchase? With the exception of my paperbacks which are workbooks or journals, and a few of my early photography albums, all have also been published as Kindle e-books.

Recently, I went into my Amazon Kindle account and made all of my Kindle e-books as cheap as I possible could. They had low prices before. The most expensive was US$5.00. But now they are all priced under US$3.00 with some as cheap as US$1.00. The higher priced e-books are the photography albums which have quite large file sizes, and Amazon has higher minimum prices for these.

Why the extra low prices?

Well, my hope was and still is that people will make purchases, realise that they have great value for the money spent, and give the book a positive review. The e-books are electronic versions of the paperbacks and are almost identical. So, a review of an inexpensive e-book also applies to the paperback version.

I am hopeful that some of my friends will go to my Amazon author’s page, make a purchase of one or more of my e-books and leave an honest review. Amazon does indicate whether or not the review was made by a verified purchaser.

If you have been to any of my photo shoots over the last year or so as a model, some of your photographs will be in some of the albums. If you don’t already have a Kindle Reader, the program can be downloaded at no cost, whether your device is an Apple or an Android.

You probably won’t ask, but if you do ask yourself the question, “what’s in it for me?” Here is what I am offering.

The paperbacks I can provide to you at a lower price than you can buy them online. I purchase multiple copies at the one time and save on shipping. If you would like a paperback version of one of the books you have purchased the e-book version of, I shall knock off an additional $5.00 off my already discounted prices. Alternatively, if you purchase two copies at my discounted price, you will get a third copy at no cost. (This can be for the same album, or a different one at the same or lower price).

Let’s be mutually helpful to each other!

Recent Publications

I have published several books so far this year. In addition to photography albums, there are four workbooks/journals. Information on the photography albums can be found by clicking on the link. Likewise click on workbooks/journals for more information regarding them.

Kindle e-books editions have been published for most of the paperbacks that I have published. These are all listed on my Amazon Authors site. A week or so ago I adjusted the prices of all of these e-books to as low a price as Amazon would allow me. They are now priced from about US$1.00 to US$3.00. The colour albums have a larger file size and Amazon’s minimum prices for them are understandable higher than straight text publications. The workbooks are not available as Kindle editions.

I have copies of the majority of the paper-backs, and those I don’t currently have I can easily obtain. Most of the paperbacks have been officially published with ISBN numbers. This means that they are potentially available through any book retailer worldwide, including Amazon. However, if you live locally, in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region, I can provide these books to you at a lower price than you would have to pay on Amazon. Keep in mind that if you purchase from Amazon USA, the price listed is in US dollars and you would need to pay shipping costs in addition to the selling price. If however you want copies of any of the publications for relatives or friends in the UK or the USA, Amazon prints from those countries and delivers to your door free of any postage costs. This information is accurate at the time of writing, April 2017, and I don’t foresee any changes being made.

If you, or members of your family, have modeled at any of my photo shoots, your photographs will be in at least one of my albums. Generally I carry around at least one copy of each album with me at shoots, and I have e-book versions on my ipad.So if you would like to take a look, just ask.